Clip 5 - 21 March 2017 - Law 10

The mistimed jump.

Nicolás Sánchez of the Jaguares kicks ahead and chases his own kick. Anthony Volmink of the Lions catches the ball. Sánchez leaps and makes contact with Volmink's head. Volmink needs help from the medics.

The referee uses the screened replay to review the situation and makes up his own mind.

He says: "I saw the replay and it didn't look so bad."

"He just mistimed his jump."

"It was a little bit dangerous."

High tackles are dangerous and seriously condemned in recent time. This time it's not an arm to the head but a knee, and there is force.

A yellow card would certainly not have been out of place.

To make matters worse, Sánchez had no chance of getting to the ball which was caught by Volmink who did not have to jump for the ball. Secondly, as Sánchez got closer to Volmink and before he jumped, his eyes were on Volmink, not on the ball. But still he jumped, knee first at Volmink.

A yellow card would seem to be the appropriate response. advert