Flanks Scrumming as Frontrows - 4 April 2017

A 4th Front Row?

Cheetahs throw-in on Stormers 5m line. There is a shove by cheetahs with a counter shove by the Stormers. The scrum wheels and suddenly Stormers is moving backwards with the loosehead buckling under pressure. Something is afoot and the referee penalises the Cheetahs.

Why? The opposite camera shows the Cheetahs No.6 shifting his bind and starts to scrum onto the Stormers tighthead, thus directly becomes a 4th front row player. According to law 20, you may only have 3 front row players per team who must bind firmly and continuously from the start to the finish of the scrum.

No wonder the Stormers Loosehead buckled under pressure as he was scrumming against 2 Cheetahs tightheads.

Well picked up by the referee.

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