Clip 1 - 8 May 2017 - Law 19

But it didn't reach the touchline?

Tevita Li of the Highlanders collects the ball in his own half runs and then kicks a long way down into the Rebels territory where it bounces and rolls towards the touchline well inside the Rebels' 22. Jordy Reid of the Rebels runs back over his 22, picks up the ball near touch and kicks it downfield. But the assistant referee hoists his flag where Reid picked up the ball and a line-out is held at that place, Highlanders' ball.

In its rolling the ball had not yet reached the touchline. It was in the field of play when Reid picked it up.

If a player has one foot in the field of play and one foot in touch and holds the ball, the ball is in touch.

Reid had one field in the field of play and one foot on the touchline. The touch line is in touch.

Law 1.3 The touchlines ... are outside the field of play.

The assistant referee was right. advert