Clip 9 - 10 May 2017 - Law 9

When are you allowed to charge a conversion?

playing against the Cheetahs, Aaron Cruden is to take the conversion. He puts the ball on the tee, steps back and has all those sly glances at the poles. Then he moves back two steps and comes forward to kick the ball.

When would the Cheetahs be allowed to charge?

Law 9.B deals with the conversion kick, with laws governing taking a conversion, the conduct of the kicker's team and then this - the conduct of the opposing team.

Law 9.B.4 The opposing team
(a) All players of the opposing team must retire to their goal line and must not overstep that line until the kicker begins the approach to kick or starts to kick. When the kicker does this, they may charge or jump to prevent a goal but must not be physically supported by other players in these actions.

When dopes Cruden begin the approach to kick?

Approach means to move closer, but he begins if by stepping back as part of the rhythm of his kicking. It is the start of his approach.

It would then seem fair for the Cheetahs to charge the moment when Cruden, satisfied with his rituals, steps back to come forward and kick. The stepping back and coming forward are a continuous part of his approach. advert