Clip 4 - 25 May 2017 - Law 20

The strange tighthead.

The Kings are playing the Reds in Brisbane. Louis Schreuder of the Kings puts the ball into a scrum. There is pressure and movement in the scrum but the ball does not emerge. Hendrik Tui (6) of the Reds stands up and puts his right foot into the tunnel of the scrum and plays the ball back into his side of the scrum. The ball comes out to James Tuttle and the Reds go wide left where Eto Nabuli scores in the left corner, whence Quade Cooper converted. The Reds led 7-0.

Have a look at the "tighthead".

The ball is in the tunnel.

Tui is a flank.
Tui hooks the ball back.
That is not allowed.

Law 20.9 (f) Locks and flankers: Staying out of the tunnel. A player who is not a front row player must not play the ball in the tunnel.
Sanction: Free Kick

Instead of a try to the Reds, it should have been a free kick to the Kings.

In fact it could have been a penalty.

Law 21.1 (e) Number of players: eight. A scrum must have eight players from each team. All eight players must stay bound to the scrum until it ends.
Sanction: Penalty kick

Does Tui stay bound?

Law 20.3 Binding in the scrum

When a player binds on a team-mate that player must use the whole arm from hand to shoulder to grasp the team-mate’s body at or below the level of the armpit. Placing only a hand on another player is not satisfactory binding.

Law 20.3 (f) Binding by all other players. All players in a scrum, other than front-row players, must bind on a lock’s body with at least one arm prior to the scrum engagement. The locks must bind with the props in front of them. No other player other than a prop may hold an opponent.
Sanction: Penalty kick

Tui may well have released his bind to be able to do what he did. And he did it before the scrum ended.

He could well have been penalised.

At this scrum the referee was on the "other" side of the scrum and because of that he would have been unable to see what was happening. But his assistant on the touchline would probably have been able to see it and could have alerted the referee.

If this is still a law to be observed! advert