Clip 1 - 21 June 2017 - Law 10

The childishness of grown men.

Richard Judd of the Provincial Barbarians puts the ball into a scrum. The Barbarians hook the ball, and, Just as Judd has put the ball in, Rhys Webb of the B&I Lions pushes Judd. He pushes him three times with increasing vigour. The third time Judd retaliates, pushing Webb back. Big Ross Moriarty then attacks Judd and lots of posturing pushing ensues, such an effete part of modern rugby, which , it seems, referees are powerless to deal with because there is no brutality involved. It is, at least, an ugly part of the game.

Perhaps referees need a strategy for dealing with it, which could include sanctioning the instigator. In this instance both Webb, as the instigator, and Moriarty as the intruder could be candidates for sanction.

It needs to be stopped. advert