Clip 1 - 16 November 2017 - Law 6

All the way back.

New Zealand are penalised near the Barbarians' goal-line. Andy Ellis the Barbarians' scrumhalf taps the ball and passes it to inside centre Harold Vorster. Vorster taps, regathers and passes to Kwagga Smith. The flank runs and kicks far ahead. Smith and Waisake Naholo of New Zealand race after the ball. Naholo gets slightly ahead and both dive for the ball which is just short if the New Zealand goal-line. Naholo gets the better grasp of the ball and the two slide over the goal-line where the ball is grounded. The referee awards a five-metre scrum to the Barbarians.

He then has a consultation with the TMO and they go back to Vorster's actions. Between chipping and gathering, he pushes Ardie Savea (7) in the back when Savea was more likely to get the ball than Vorster was. As a result, play goes back to where Vorster pushed Savea.

Right decision?

TMO Protocol 2017

The Global TMO Trial extends the jurisdiction of the TMO in two ways:
• The adjudication of decisions when the team in possession of the ball has touched the ball down in the in-goal area and any of the match officials have a view that there was a potential infringement in the field of play with limitations
• The review of potential acts of foul play or to assist in the determination of sanctions for foul play.

Is what Vorster did foul play?

Law 10.4 (e) Playing a player without the ball is dangerous play.
Sanction: Penalty kick

It was foul play.

Unlike other infringements which have limits, foul play has no such restrictions. The referee is entitled to consult the TMO or his assistants on foul play whether or not a try has been scored and regardless of number of players. The only proviso is that it be before the next restart of play,

4. Potential acts of foul play

4.1 The match officials may suggest that the referee refers the matter to the TMO for review if they observe an act of foul play (prior to the next restart in play) where:
• They may have only partially observed an act or acts of foul play
• They are unsure of the exact circumstances
• The views of the match officials reporting the act(s) of foul play differ
• There is doubt as to the appropriate sanctions to be applied. 

The referee's decision and the process by which it was reached were correct. advert