Clip 1 - 27 November 2017 - Law 8

This is new.

England play Argentina, England in black.

England have the ball and Dylan Hartley charges ahead and is tackled, armlessly, by Santiago Botta. The referee announces that he is playing advantage. The ball comes back to England and scrumhalf Ben Youngs lofts a left-footed kick over the Argentinian defenders. George Ford catches it on the full and passes inside to Henry Slade on his right. Slade is tackled by Marcos Kremer and the ball spills forward.

After talking to Agustín Creevy, the referee tells Hartley, the England captain, that there is a choice - a penalty where Botta tackled without arms of where Kremer tackled early. Hartley chooses the latter.

This is a new amendment to the laws.

Law 8.1 Advantage in practice
(a) The referee is sole judge of whether or not a team has gained an advantage. The referee has wide discretion when making decisions.
When advantage is being played for multiple penalty infringements by the same team, the referee allows the captain of the non-offending team to choose the most advantageous of the penalty marks. advert