Clip 2 - 19 December 2017 - Law 10

"Not transferred yet."

Joseph Dweba of the Cheetahs throws into line-out. Justin Basson catches the ball. The Cheetahs gather around him with Oupa Mohoje in a position to take the ball from Basson. Ruaan Lerm, the Kings No.8, comes round and grabs Mohoje, but the referee penalises Lerm for playing Mohoje before the ball was transferred. The referee says that Basson was still in possession of the ball, not Mohoje'

If Mohoje did not have the ball, Lerm was guilty of playing a man without the ball.

Lerm's mistake is understandable as it appears that Mohoje receives the ball from Basson and has the ball when Lerm tackles him. Mohoje falls to ground and seems to release the ball when he does so. When Lerm goes round to grab Mohoje no maul is formed and the line-out appears over. advert