Clip 1 - 26 December 2017 - Law 14

Getting in the way.

Makazola Mapimpi of the Cheetahs fields a downfield kick and starts running. Martinus Burger (7) of the Kings tackles Mapimpi, bring him to ground - a tackle in the terms of the law. Pieter Scholtz of the Kings is close at hand and as Burger stands up Ox Nche and Henco Venter of the Cheetahs arrive.

The referee penalises Burger, telling him that he has to come round.

The law actually allows Burger as the tackler to get up and play the ball "from any direction". But - an important But in this case - there are trial amendments, and this is one

Law 15
Amended Tackle 15.4 (c) The tackler must get up before playing the ball and then can only play from his side of the tackle gate.

As the referee said, Burger needed to get out of the way and come in from being Mapimpi to play the ball, not stand up where he was in the tackle and get his feet to tamper with the ball.

It's pity when piecemeal alterations to law take place. They cause confusion. advert