Test Yourself

Robert Southey, the English Saints scrumhalf, passes to Thomas Becket, his flyhalf who is under immediate pressure from Vincent de Paul, the French flank. Becket tries to catch the ball but knocks it forward with his hands and it strikes De Paul on the chest. The ball bounces back into Beckets grasp and he passes to Cuthbert Mayne. The referee, Peter Barjonah, will:

Allow play to go on?
Award a scrum to the French Saints?

Venerable Bede, the English Saints fullback, catches the ball just inside his 22 and about 10 metres from touch and kicks downfield where John Vianney, the French Saints left wing, catches the ball three metres in from touch. After Bede kicks the ball. the French Saints flank Vincent de Paul, knocks Bede to ground with a shoulder charge. The referee blows a shrill blast on the whistle, shows De Paul a yellow card and sends him to purgatory for 10 minutes. Barjonah then gives the English Saints a choice of a penalty where De Paul charged into Bede and:

Where Vianney caught the ball?
Where Vianney caught the ball but on the line 15m from touch?

Thomas Becket of the English Saints kicks off to start the second half. His kick is shallow and before it reaches the 10-metre line, the French prop Peter Channel takes two steps forward attempts to catch the ball, but he knocks on. The French Saints get the ball back to their scrumhalf Jean-Batiste de la Salle, who passes to Bernard de Clairvaux, his flyhalf. The referee will:

Allow play to go on?
Give the French Saints the option of a kick again or a scrum at the middle of the halfway line?
Award a scrum to the English Saints where Channel knocked on?

Jean-Batiste de la Salle, the French Saints scrumhalf, puts the ball into a scrum, but there is so much pressure on their hooker Peter Faber that he cannot lift his foot to heal the ball. It lies in the tunnel. French Saints flank Vincent de Paul swings his left foot round and strikes the ball to his side. The referee will:

Allow play to go on?
Penalise De Paul?
Award a free kick against De Paul

Thomas Becket the English Saints flyhalf, kicks ahead. Marcellin Champagnat, the French Saints fullback, catches the ball. As he catches the ball Thomas More, the English Saints flank tackles him, and drives him a metre. Both go to ground. Saints of both teams then gather round and the ball is unplayable. The referee, Peter Bar-Jonah, blows his whistle and awards a scrum:

To the English Saints?
To the French Saints?

The French Saints are passing short, quick passes amongst themselves but Charles de Foucauld could not hold onto his pass and knocked (not forward) it into the referee. As it came back from the referee, De Foucauld caught it. The referee will:

Allow play to go on?
Award a scrum to the English Saints?
Award a scrum to the French Saints?

Bernard de Clairvaux, the French Saints flyhalf, kicks the ball downfield towards the touchline on his right. Venerable Bede, the English Saints fullback, waits for the ball as it comes down near the touchline and is heading beyond the touchline. Bede has both feet just infield from the touchline and as the ball drops down beyond the touchline he stretches his hands over the touchline to catch the ball but he drops it and it lands in touch. The assistant referee, John Bar-Zebedee, put up his flag. Who will get the throw-in at the line-out?

English Saints?
French Saints?

The French Saints are to throw in to a line-out just inside their 22. Their flyhalf, Bernard de Clairvaux is back from the line-out about 10 metres in from touch. Peter Faber of French Saints throws in but Thomas More of the English Saints catches the ball and brings it to ground, holding onto it. De Clairvaux sees this and immediately runs up in defence. The alert referee notices this and penalises De Clairvaux. Where will the penalty be?

10m from touch where De Clairvaux started running forward?
Along the line of touch but 15m from touch?
15m from touch but 10m from the line of touch towards the French Saints goal line?

John Vianney, the French Saints wing races for the line. A metre from the line Venerable Bede tackles him. Vianney falls to ground short of the line. With his right hand he pushes his body forward, reaches out with the ball in his left hand and goals it on the goal-line. The referee will:

Award the try?
Penalise Vianney?
Award a scrum to the French Saints?
Award a scrum to the English Saints?

The English Saints make substitutes and Henry Morse replaces Thomas More. Morses nose starts to bleed and the referee tells him to go off to have the bleeding stopped. The English Saints want More to return.

He is allowed to?
He is not allowed to?
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